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4WD Permit Terms & Conditions

4WD Vehicle Access Permit – Terms and Conditions & Guidelines

North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) is part of Moreton Bay, an internationally recognised significant marine and intertidal habitat. Moreton Bay is essential to the wellbeing of many wildlife species. These animals are not found anywhere else, and activities like beach driving, boating and fishing can have a significant impact on their survival. Enjoy the recreational opportunities of Straddie, but keep in mind that you are sharing this special environment.

Vehicle Access Permits Terms & Conditions
Vehicle Access Permits (VAP) have Terms & Conditions attached to their use. Please refer to these Terms & Conditions should you have any queries. Please note that you may purchase a Vehicle Access Permit for North Stradbroke Island beaches for a 4WD vehicle only. Unregistered vehicles, motorbikes, quad bikes and other motorised vehicles are not permitted and will not be sold a Permit.

If you sell your vehicle for which a Vehicle Access Permit was originally issued, or your windscreen is damaged, then you may be eligible for a replacement permit sticker. Please note however that replacement Vehicle Access Permit stickers will not be reissued if they are lost. If you lose your permit sticker you will need to purchase a new one. To obtain a replacement Vehicle Access Permit sticker, you must remove the original permit sticker prior to selling your vehicle, or when windscreen damage occurs. A replacement Vehicle Access Permit can only be reissued if the original permit is returned to us. Replacements cannot be made on production of your receipt alone.

Please bring your old vehicle access permit to a campground office, where a replacement sticker will be reissued. There is a $6.60 fee for replacement permits. 


Vehicle Access Permits Cancellation Limits

The cancellation limit is two (2) calendar days prior to the permit arrival date. All requests for a refund must be submitted in writing to Minjerribah Camping within 28 days of the start of the permit

Request to modify or cancel Vehicle Access Permit

Minjerribah Camping will not offer a refund unless extenuating circumstances apply such as death, serious illness or severe injury occurs in the immediate family before or during your dates of stay and written details such as a certificate being received by Minjerribah Camping, a refund may apply. Other extenuating circumstance not outlined above may be put forward on via written request; Minjerribah Camping will consider circumstances, however in most instances a refund will not be provided.

Refund Rejection

Minjerribah Camping will reject a claim for a refund based on circumstances outside of its control including but not limited to:

  • Unfavourable or unpleasant weather conditions before or during the permit period or other activity;
  • Personal decisions to change visit plans;
  • Personal decisions to arrive after the permit start date or leave before the permit end date
  • The failure of a person or group to obtain a transport booking or the failure of their chosen transport to operate; and
  • Ill health or sickness which is not life threatening


To take a 4WD onto Main and Flinders beaches you will need to purchase a Vehicle Access Permit. Permits can be purchased for either 1 month or 12 months. Minjerribah Camping uses the revenue from the permits to maintain, improve and study the natural areas on the island.

  • All vehicles driving on the beach must be registered, and display a current Vehicle Access Permit.
  • Permit stickers should be displayed in the lower left-hand side of the windscreen.
  • No invalid or expired stickers should be displayed. Penalties apply.
  • All drivers must hold a current driver’s license.
  • You must observe all relevant provisions of the “Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act, 1995” and all vehicles must be registered.
  • Access onto the beach and driving of a vehicle on the beach 1 hour either side of high tide is not permitted.
  • Vehicle access to camping areas is only permitted where the driver or occupants hold a valid camping permit.
  • Permit conditions apply to the registered owner and all other drivers of the vehicle
  • You must comply with all regulatory signs
  • You must access the beach through the designated access points
  • Do not drive or park within one meter of the front dune or on any dune vegetation
  • Do not park your vehicle so that it will obstruct through traffic
  • You must ensure that all passengers can get out of the vehicle safely


Road Rules on the Beach

Driving on the beach is the same as driving on a public road – all road rules and laws apply. Speed limits are clearly signed. Always consider other beach users, stay alert and drive carefully. You must obey all the road rules including:

  • Speed limit for Flinders Beach is 40 km/hr and for Main Beach is 60 km/hr
  • Indicators must be used when overtaking or turning
  • Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers at all times
  • Remain inside a moving vehicle to avoid serious injury
  • Learner and P plate drivers must hold a license and display their L/P plates
  • Blood alcohol content must be below 0.05 per cent, or zero if you are a P plate or learner driver.

Queensland Police conduct regular speed checks, and random breath testing on the beaches.
Fines can be given for:

  • Taking a vehicle onto the beach without a Vehicle Access Permit
  • Breaching permit conditions
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of Alcohol
  • Driving in a reckless manner, without due care, without reasonable consideration of other people or excessive speeding
  • Damage or interference to flora, fauna, facilities, notices or equipment
  • Not complying with an authorised officer’s directions

Revoking your Permit
Your permit may be cancelled or suspended if:

  • Your application contains false or misleading information
  • You do not comply with the permit conditions

Beach Access
You can take your 4WDrive vehicle onto Flinders Beach and Main Beach. Always check for current closures.

Flinders Beach access points are at:

  • Amity Point end of Sovereign Road
  • Flinders Township end of Flinders Beach Drive
  • Adder Rock, Point Lookout.

Main Beach access points are at:

  • The end of George Nothling Drive at Point Lookout
  • The causeway via Alfred Martin Way (formerly Tazi Road) from Dunwich


Vehicles are not permitted at:

  • Main Beach between the Surf Club and the Gorge
  • Nothling Drive beach access
  • East of the access at Adder Rock
  • Home Beach
  • Cylinder Beach
  • Deadman’s Beach
  • Frenchman’s Beach
  • West of Amity Point access

Certain events or conditions may mean that access to some beaches may be closed or restricted for the sake of visitor safety, or for environmental protection. For safety reasons, access onto the beach and driving of a vehicle on the beach 1 hour and 15 minutes before and after high tide is not permitted.

Tide Times
Access onto the beach and driving of a 4WDrive vehicle on the beach on North Stradbroke Island is only permitted when itis safe to do so. Vehicles are not permitted (driving or parked) on the beach 1 hour each side of high tide. Download exact tide times for Amity Point (Flinders Beach) and Point Lookout (Main Beach) from the Willy Weather website:
The Beach Safe app can also be downloaded form the App Store or for Android.

Tips for safe 4WDriving

  • Ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound before going on your trip.
  • It is important to always travel with a tyre gage, air pump, towrope, first aid kit, water and supplies in case of any
  • Emergency. It is also important to advise a friend or relative of your movements and plans if travelling to an isolated area.
  • Please check beach and track conditions before arrival and observe any closure and other signage on the beach and track areas.

In an Emergency

  • In an emergency: dial 000 – FIRE, MEDICAL, POLICE.
  • If there is no mobile reception, dial 112.
  • If you are deaf or have a speech or hearing impairment, call 106 using a text phone.
  • Stay with any injured person – keep them calm and protect them from the elements.

Care for Lakes and Streams
Because the lakes and waterways of North Stradbroke Island are not regularly flushed, they are particularly sensitive to pollution and an artificial increase in nutrients.

  • Powered craft are not permitted on Brown Lake, Blue Lake and the Keyholes. People found operating powered craft on any lakes are liable for prosecution.
  • Never use soap, toothpaste or detergents in the waterways as these promote the growth of algae, affects the purity of the water and aquatic life.
  • Take water at least 50m away from the shore and waterways to wash dishes or yourself.


Care for the Dunes and Beaches
Dunes and beaches can be extremely fragile. The sparse and inconspicuous dune vegetation is often all that is stopping the dunes from becoming mobile and moving inland.

  • Be aware, the rules of the road apply to all beaches on North Stradbroke Island.
  • Enter and leave the beaches at designated beach access points only.
  • Slow down when passing people and wildlife (particularly resting birds) on the beach.
  • Use formed tracks only and never make new tracks – reverse back only the track by which you enter rather than turn on the dune.
  • Driving on the dunes destroys dune vegetation by exposing the sand to wind erosion, which lowers the dune, and reduces their effectiveness for coastal protection.
  • Beach erosion occurs more quickly because there is less sand in the dunes directly behind the beach and less stabilising plants.
  • Damaged and sensitive dunes are often fenced off for protection, so it is important to drive or walk on designated tracks only.
  • Respect resting sea birds by slowing down. The beach is their habitat.
  • Drive on the firmer sand between the waterline and the high tide mark for better driving conditions.

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