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The 10 things we HATE about Minjerribah

So we normally boast over and over again about Why you should come visit Minjerribah/ Why Straddie is the best and all the great things to do on here; but this week I want to tell you about 10 things we HATE about Minjerribah.

1. The beaches are deserted

Seriously. How can an entire island of beaches, only 1 hour from Brisbane, be deserted most of the time? It’s a miracle! One that I don’t appreciate when trying to simultaneously tan, swim and spy on the local surfers. How are we supposed to inconspicuously enjoy some eye candy, when it’s just us our thoughts, and the ocean… RUDE.


2. There’s SO much seafood

We can honestly say you've never been somewhere with as much seafood as Straddie. Believe us when we say, fresh, amazing, local seafood at your finger tips gets old, fast. There’s only so much prawns and oysters you can take before your gills start growing, and as partial as we are to The Little Mermaid and a Kilpatrick Oyster keep in mind, everything in moderation.

3. It's hot

No really, it’s floppin’ hot! The universe has blessed us by surrounding us with beautiful beaches because if not, we would literally be living in hell on Earth! Ok, well maybe not that dramatic (Coober Pedy would beat us for that title) but don’t get us wrong when we say, you physically have to be close to a beach incase of spontaneous combustion. No wonder everyone surfs, it’s the only way they can stay sane in Summer.

4. There’s a Gelati bar

I know what you’re thinking; “This girl is crazy! She doesn’t like seafood, having the beach to herself or even God’s gift to the human race- Gelato!” Whoa there Nelly! I’ll be the first to say how delightfully delicious and delectable Gelato is, if Gelato was a food group it would probably replace my five fruits and vegetables a day. Unfortunately for many of us however, it is not a food group, and although it is ‘healthier’ than regular ice cream its by no means good for you to have 3 scoops a day, (my bank account is also hurting from this expensive habit). I don’t know if there’s nicotine in the Gelati Bar’s goodies, or if I am now one of those girls who eats my feelings but either way the Gelati Bar is public enemy number one and I now take alternate routes to avoid walking past.



5. Your husband will leave you for fishing

The fishing here is outrageous. From squid to spanish mackeral to red emperor, if you're looking for a fast way to lose your man to the ocean, bring him here. On the bright side, if you were after the perfect excuse to get rid of him, you should also bring him here. Who's up for cocktails at sunset girls? 


6. The views are torturous

Can you even imagine how awful it is, working all day while watching oceans, whales, gelati clad children and sunbaking babes? No me either, it sucks. A lot. No further comments.

7. The water is crystal clear

Sure it’s great for photos, but how am I supposed to hide the effects of too much Gelati and Vino if you can’t just bob underwater? Really, there is a lot that needs to be considered when coming here long term. Note: Water is clear enough to see hairy legs too so invest in some Gillette before venturing over to the beach.

8. The Ferry ride is relaxing

Seriously, I challenge you to drive home after an hour in your car, on a rocking Ferry. NOTE: Do not plan to leave on the morning you have to be back at work! I can promise you know you will be absolutely comatose by the time you dock in Cleveland. 

9. The sunsets are too good

Ever try to do something productive at 6pm on Straddie? No? That's because our hypnotising sunsets are the worlds perfect time wasters. Who wants to cook dinner, bathe the kids or fold the clothes when one of the world's most stunnig sunsets are taking place right outside your window? If you're really keen on losing all motivation, head to our Amity Campground at sunset and behold mother nature with dancing dolphins, splashing kids and golden rays streaking our Quandamooka Sky. 

10. Animals are pests

As much as we love showing guests all the Koalas, Kangaroos, Dolphins, Whales and turtles you can squeeze into one weekend, they can easily become pesky traffic obstructions or in our case, laundry thieves. It's not uncommon here to mistake a Koala on the road for a dog (alive- don’t freak out), or to pause for 5 minutes for a male kangaroo who decides to have a staring competition at 10pm. Don’t even get us started on the screaming banshee call of Kurlews, aggressive Koalas forcing one another out of trees and greedy dolphins who steal your fishing haul!


All in all, it is safe to say there are some incredible things about this island and many would say here on Minjerribah it's not a bad set of problems to have ;) Want to test our 10 point checklist and see how bad it really is here? Book Now! 

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