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Frequently Asked Questions


Why have you changed the maximum number of people allowed on a site?

In developing our COVID safe plan and based off guest feedback, we have reviewed the maximum capacity (by way of head count) on each campground. Protecting the natural environment of Minjerribah and our local indigenous community remain key considerations and as a result of this review, we have placed a maximum cap on each campsite in all camping areas of 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children 16 years and under (including infants and never exceeding 5)

How can I make a booking?

Bookings for Christmas 2021 period start from March 1st 2021 at 9am (AEST). You will only be able to book online or via the phone - there will be phone delays, we know, but it's a first in best dressed situation. No bookings will be made via email or via chat nor will you be able to make a booking in person at our campgrounds. All bookings must be paid in full to secure them at time of booking

Adding Extra People to My Booking?

You are welcome to add extra people to your booking provided we still have capacity at the Campground to do so. To avoid disappointment, we strongly suggest you book the correct number of people at the time of the original booking. Our Camp Ground Managers will be checking each site to ensure we are maintaining the guidelines we have been given. Even if your site is big enough for 4 adults, if you haven't booked additional people in before arriving to the island, they may be turned away due to occupancy caps.

Can I book a van site and use a tent or swag only?

Van sites are reserved for vans, campervans and trailers. If you book a van site and only use a tent, you will be asked to move sites or potentially camp grounds if availability at the camp ground is restricted

Can I guarantee my site preference?

Whilst we make every effort to keep you in the site you have advised your preference for, it is not guaranteed. We have many people wanting to camp for extended periods of time and often this is blocked by a one, two or three night stay. We often have to move the sites around to ensure people can still stay when we have availability. If you are travelling with other people but have booked separately, it's good to send us an email so we can add notes to the booking and avoid moving those sites or move them both so you are all still together.

What are the peak period dates?

Peak periods are all designated Queensland school holidays including the Easter long weekend.

Booking a Zone do I have to stay in the zone (foreshore beaches)

Yes, when you book a zone, you are to find a spot in that zone. It's important to remember people are travelling often with friends so if you take their zone in lieu of the one you booked, you could be ruining their holiday. We recommend you all talk to your friends before booking and try and book the same zone together. 

Getting Here

How do I get to North Stradbroke Island?

You need to catch either a vehicle ferry or a water taxi (passenger ferry) from Toondah Harbour in Cleveland. It is important to always book your vehicle ferry, as spaces are limited. There is no need to book your water taxi.

Vehicle ferries can be booked online at Stradbroke Ferries. Water Taxi information can be found at Stradbroke Ferries or Stradbroke Flyer.

How do I book my vehicle ferry? How much does it cost? How long is the ferry trip?

You can book the vehicle ferry online at Stradbroke Ferries. Prices are available on the website, but start from $55 one-way for a standard family car. The vehicle ferry takes approximately 50min, and they request you arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to your departure time.

How do I get to Cleveland from the M1 (Freeway).

Take exit 22 on the Gateway Motorway and follow the signs to Cleveland.

Where is Toondah Harbour?

At the end of Middle Street Cleveland – follow the signs to Toondah Harbour.

Where do I catch the water taxi? What does it cost?

Two water taxi services operate from Toondah Harbour, Cleveland, and take approximately 25min to reach the Island. The two services travel to different locations in Dunwich.

The Stradbroke Flyer travels to One Mile Jetty at Yabby Street, Dunwich, next to the Little Ship Club. The Stradbroke Ferries water taxi docks at Harold Walker Jetty, Dunwich. You can also travel on the vehicle ferry as a walk on passenger.

Prices can be found on their respective websites.

Do I need a car to come to North Straddie?

You do not need a vehicle to travel to Straddie.

Stradbroke Island Buses meet most water taxis (please note that it does not meet vehicle ferries) arriving at Dunwich, and travel to Point Lookout. You can bring your bicycle, and your dog on both the water taxi and on the island buses.

Is there a bus service or taxi service? What is the contact number?

Stradbroke Island Buses meet most water taxis (it does not meet the vehicle ferries) arriving at Dunwich, and travel to Point Lookout.There are limited bus service to Amity Point. There are no bus services to Brown Lake or Blue Lake. North Stradbroke Island Cab Service can be contacted on 0408 193 685.

Does the Island bus service meet the water taxi?

Yes as above.

Camping Grounds

How big are the campsites?

Unpowered and foreshore sites are all 6m X 6m. Powered sites in the Camping Grounds vary in size from 6m X 6m to 9m X 10m. If you require assistance with a site size when booking, please call us.

How many people can I fit on one campsite?

You can have a maximum of 4 adults per site or 2 adults and up to three children and infants (max 5). You will need to email or call to add the extra infants/children 

How old do you have to be to stay in the campgrounds?

All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult such as a parent, step-parent, guardian or other adult who has parental rights and responsibilities for the under 18 year old guest.

What are the check in and check out times?

Camping Sites: Check in time 11.00am / Check out time 10:00am. Cabins, Glamping & EcoShacks/Eco Tents: Check in time: 14.00pm / Check out time 10:00am.

Are there BBQ’s /camp kitchens (fridges) that I can use at the camping grounds?

Yes there are electric BBQs. There are outdoor undercover camp kitchens (electric BBQ's, sinks, power points, tables & chairs) at the Adder Rock and Amity Point Camping Grounds, however there are no public use fridges at any of the campgrounds.

Does the camping ground have a swimming pool?

There are no pools at our Camping Grounds, but each property has direct beach access.

Main Beach & Cylinder Beach are patrolled: Monday to Sunday 8am - 5pm, December/January school holidays 8am - 6pm, September school holidays: 8am - 5pm, Easter Break 8am – 5pm.

Adder Rock & Flinders Beach are patrolled: December / January school holidays ONLY 8am to 6pm.

Do you have powered waterfront sites?

Yes. Amity Point and Bradbury’s Beach Camping Grounds also have powered sites with views to Moreton Bay and beautiful evening sunsets. Home Beach Camping Ground has powered sites with water views.

Does Cylinder Beach Camping Ground have Cabins?

No, our cabins are located at the Amity Point and Adder Rock Camping Grounds with three Eco Tents at Cylinder Beach

Which are the best camping grounds for children?

All the Camping Grounds are family friendly, however Amity Point faces the calm waters of Moreton Bay.

Can I use a generator at the Camping Grounds?

No. Generators are only allowed in the beach camping areas of Flinders Beach and Main Beach between 7am and 9pm.

Can I bring my dog when I come camping on North Straddie? Where are the off leash areas?

You can bring two dogs per campsite to the beach camping areas of Flinders Beach and Main Beach. Dogs are not allowed in the township Camping Grounds. Dogs must stay on a leash at all times, even whilst on the beaches.

There are two off leash areas on the Island: • Home Beach – (between Rocky Point and Rocky Headland in front of Point Lookout Hotel) • Skatebowl Park, Barton Street in Dunwich (between the skate bowl and the fenced off area)

Beach Camping

Can we camp anywhere on the beach?

Camping is only allowed in designated camping areas.

To access these areas you must use the designated tracks. On Main Beach there are 15 access tracks, starting 7km south of the causeway access. These are marked with numbered signs.

On Flinders Beach there are 12 access tracks starting approximately 1.5km from the Adder Rock Beach access along to the Amity Point Beach Access.

Can we pay the Beach Ranger for extra people, as we are unsure how many people will be staying and for how long?

You must book and pay for your campsite before you access the beach camping areas, or set up camp. Should extra people arrive you will need to contact our Dunwich Booking Centre to book them in and pay for their camping.

Do the beach camping areas have toilets & showers?

There are no facilities on the beaches except at Flinders Beach which has limited composting toilets at Tracks 3,5 & 7.

Where are the composting toilets at Flinders Beach?

Tracks 3,5 & 7.

Where can I have a shower if I camp at Main Beach or Flinders Beach?

Shower Access Cards are available for purchase, which will allow you to use the shower facilities at Adder Rock Camping Grounds. These cards should be purchased between 8am and 4pm at the Booking Office or at Adder Rock.

Where can I empty my chemical toilet?

Track 5 along Flinders Beach has a facility to empty chemical toilets.

Can I access the Flinders Beach & Main Beach camping areas without a 4WDrive?

It is possible but we do not recommend it. It is a long walk and you must carry all your camping gear, your own firewood and water, and be able to take any rubbish with you when you leave.

Can I light fires for cooking or just to keep warm?

Fires are only permitted on the foreshore camping areas, depending on whether or not there is a fire ban in place. You are allowed a small cooking fire only, which must be watched at all times, and extinguished with water (not sand) after use. You can not have a fire to keep warm or a bonfire of any sort.

Can I cut down trees for firewood?

No. You must not use or damage any island vegetation, even driftwood. If you wish to have a fire you must bring your own firewood.

Can I buy firewood on the Island?

You can buy firewood from 2 Mile on the way to Point Lookout. Approximately 3km along the road to Point Lookout on the left hand side and opposite the bus depot, there is a trailer on the road with a ‘Firewood’ sign.

Can I use a brazier?

Yes only on the foreshore and only for cooking. It must be extinguished with water.

Can I have a bonfire on the beach?

No, strictly no fires on the beach – penalties apply.

Can I get ice in the Beach Camping areas?

Bob's Ice travels along the Flinders Beach Camping tracks every morning during school holidays selling ice. They also hire mobile cold rooms, which can be used in the Beach Camping areas. They can be generator operated, and do not have to be turned on all night. Call Harold on 0408-746-117.

Driving & 4WDriving

Can I drive a normal car to your Camping Grounds or do I need a 4WD?

You do not need a 4WD to access the township Camping Grounds as there are sealed roads to Point Lookout and Amity Point. You will need a 4WDrive to access the beach camping areas of Flinders Beach and Main Beach and for this you will need a Vehicle Access Permit.

How do I purchase a Vehicle Access Permit (VAP) for the beaches?

You can purchase a Vehicle Access Permit online, and collect it from our Reservations Office in Dunwich – Mon-Sat; 08:00-16:00.

Other outlets are listed here Where to buy Vehicle Access Permits.

Where can I purchase a 4WD Vehicle Access Permit outside of office hours?

You can purchase the 4WD Permits on our website.

Do you need a beach permit to access Flinders Beach if you are only using the back tracks in a normal car?

The back tracks to Flinders Beach are 4WDrive access only, and for this you will need a Vehicle Access Permit.

What happens if I get bogged on the beach? Who do I call for help?

You can call RACQ and another service is Towing & Breakdowns on 0428 288 128. Rangers are not permitted to assist with bogged vehicles for insurance reasons.

What happens if I need a replaced 4WD Permit?

To obtain a replacement Vehicle Access Permit sticker, you must remove the original permit sticker prior to selling your vehicle, or when windscreen damage occurs. A replacement Vehicle Access Permit can only be reissued if the original permit is returned to us. Replacements cannot be made on production of your receipt alone.


Are there any organised activities on North Stradbroke Island?

There are a number of tour and activity providers. See our Do & See page for a comprehensive list.

Is there Whale Watching on Straddie? When do the whales go by?

Humpback whales can be seen migrating past Point Lookout between May to November each year. They are wild animals so we cannot guarantee that you will see them, but you will have the best chance from the North Gorge Walk at Point Lookout.

Where are the best fishing spots? Where are the fish biting?

We regularly post up to date fishing information on our Facebook Page

There is also North Stradbroke Island fishing information - here.

Where can I snorkel/scuba dive?

Where can you hire kayaks?

See the Attractions section for a list of activity providers and hirers.

Where can you hire camping equipment, bicycles, scooters, hire cars?

Camping trailers and equipment are available from Camper Trailer Hire. Car Hire is available from both Pandanus Palms Resort and The Islander at Point Lookout. Bicycles can be hired from Dunwich Sports and Hobbies in Dunwich, the Manta Lodge opposite Adder Rock Gold Coast, or Fishes Cafe at Point Lookout. If you are taking your own bicycle to the Island, you need to travel with it on the vehicle ferry as bicycles are not permitted on the water taxi or on the local bus service.

How long does it take to walk into Blue Lake? Can you drive in?

It is a 5.2km return walk to Blue Lake from the car park. There is no vehicle access to Blue Lake itself as it is in a National Park. We suggest that you wear comfortable walking shoes, take a hat and water.

How do I get into the keyholes?

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines has advised that the sand track (Fisherman's Track) accessing the keyholes have been closed to the public. Please refer to the maps here.

How far is it to walk from Adder Rock to Main Beach, or to the Point Lookout Gorge Walk?

Approximately 3.5km and is a 40 minute walk along beach.

How far is it to drive from Dunwich to Amity Point, or Dunwich to Point Lookout?

Dunwich to Amity Point is 16.5km, and is about a 15 minute drive. Dunwich to Point Lookout is 18km about a 15 to 20 minute drive.

How far is it from Point Lookout Surf Life Saving Club to Jumpinpin (Main Beach)?

38 kilometres along the beach. You will need a 4WD vehicle.

What are the green zones in the marine park?

Green zones provide the greatest level of protection in the marine park. Just like a national park in the water, these areas are ‘no-take areas’ of high conservation value. Anyone can enter and undertake activities such as boating, snorkeling and sailing, however all forms of take, including fishing, collecting or extracting, are prohibited.

These areas are quite extensive and can be found on the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing website. The Department manages the marine park as a multi-use marine protected area. Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service (QPWS) a business unit of DERM is responsible for the day-to-day management of the marine park.

Where is the best place to see wildlife?

Wildlife can be seen all over the Island. Amity Point Camping Ground is home to a resident koala, and dolphins play in the waters in front of the campground, and flocks of pelicans visit daily. Kangaroos can be seen in the campgrounds and on the beaches at Flinders Beach and Main Beach. The Gorge Walk is a particularly good place from which to view marine life which include dolphins, loggerhead turtles, manta rays, and whales. Kangaroos feed on the headlands at dawn and dusk. There are loads of sea birds if you look to the skies.

Island Info

Is there a supermarket, butchers etc? Where?

Foodworks - Point Lookout (2 Endeavour Street, Pt Lookout) / Dunwich (Stradbroke Place, Dunwich)

General store - Amity Point( 9 Ballow Street, Amity Point)

Butcher - Dunwich (1 Stradbroke Place, Dunwich)

Bakery - Dunwich and Point Lookout Hairdressers - Point Lookout

Fresh seafood outlets - Amity Point and Point Lookout

Where are the shops/restaurants?

There are shops, boutiques, galleries, cafes and restaurants at all three townships, however Point Lookout offers the most range and variety.

Are there mosquitos and sandflies on the island?

You may encounter mosquitos and sand flies on the Island, so come prepared with repellent.

Which beaches are patrolled? Where are the safe places to swim?

The safest places to swim are at the patrolled beaches which are:

Main Beach and Cylinder Beach - Monday to Sunday 8am to 5pm, December / January school holidays: 8am - 6pm, September school holidays: 8am - 5pm, Easter Break 8am - 5pm.

Adder Rock and Flinders Beach - December / January school holidays ONLY 8am - 6pm.

What are the emergency numbers?

Ambulance/Fire/Police – 000
Air Sea Rescue – 07 3409 9338
Ambulance Station, Dunwich – 07 3409 9333
Police Station Dunwich – 07 3409 6020
Police Point Lookout – 3409 8627/07 34098638
Surf Life Saving Club Point Lookout – 07 3409 8158
Towing and Breakdowns 0428 288 128

Where are the doctors and contact numbers (is there 24/7 service)?

Marie Rose Medical Centre: Cnr Oxledy Pde & Petrie St Dunwich T: 07-3409-9059
Mon- Sat / 09:00 – 12:00, Sun 10:00 – 11:00 Call anytime in an emergency.

Stradbroke Medical Centre: 4 Kennedy Drive, Point Lookout T: 07-3409-8660
Mon-Fri / 8.30am – 17.30pm, Sat / 09:00 – 11:00, Sun / 10:00 – 11:00.

Yulu-Burri-Ba Community Health: 16 Dickson Way, Dunwich T: 07-3409-9596
Mon – Fri / 08.30 – 17:00.

Is there a vet on North Stradbroke Island?

Morgan Chance provides veterinary consultations by appointment. M: 0411 539 067 Email:

If you can not reach Morgan please contact the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic on 07 3286 1800 – 195 Middle Street, Cleveland.


Can we get married at the camping grounds or on the beach? Where do I get a permit?

We are happy for you to get married in our Camping Grounds, however you will need to contact us to arrange this so that we can keep a space aside for you for your special day.

To conduct a wedding on the beach, you will need to contact the Redland City Council for permission. They can be contacted on Council Community Spaces: T 07-3829-8413.

We also recommend Stradbroke Weddings who can organise everything for you.

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